something missing

its been 8 months since my last post...

hey,readers! hows your life? are u standing where do you really want to stand?
well im not.

its 2 january and i ll turn 22 this feb. happy new year eve.

2016 was not that great for me. ive graduated and Alhamdulillah with a good result.
i ve started working.

so 6 months ago i ve started do some video to post on youtube. and some have more than 300 views. it makes me very happy even the quality and the content of the video sucks. but for the past few months i ve been so busy. i cant record a video anymore.

i dont even have time for myself. im tired.

i was sick few times cause at that time my body re kinda adapting with this new schedule. at first it was okay but now i feel different.

i tried to act that i am okay well actually im not.  im looking for something different cause all of this didnt work anymore.

sometimes we think we already give the best but the truth is not. sometimes we hope those around us appreciate what we try to do well they dont. i mean they might be at least 1 person will appreciate u. but the rest.....

sometimes we need to take risk. we need to be brave to try something new. be brave to treasure new stuff. be brave to know new person. im in a situation to make a new step or just stay where i am now.

something missing. i need to find back my soul. im not happy for what i have now.
Terima Kasih Sudi Baca :)

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